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Greater Manchester VRU's strategic needs assessment for violence

The Greater Manchester VRU strategic needs assessment for violence is now available from the Violence Reduction Unit website
2023/24 updates are also available

Bolton's violence prevention strategy

Bolton's violence prevention strategy 2024-27 is now available to view

Dementia in Bolton

Outputs from an in depth piece of work on dementia in Bolton are now available.

Access a range of local boundaries and geographies!

Check out the Geographies page of this website to see the range of geographies in use locally and download files for your own use. Includes a Bolton postcode lookup (giving geographical location of postcodes and which geographies they fall within) and a range of local boundary files in a variety of file formats.

Census 2021

Results have now started arriving from the 2021 census!

  • Census maps - easy to use tool for viewing census data in a map format for various types of geographies
  • build a custom area profile - easy to use tool that lets you build a custom geography (or use existing ones) and see how various census data compares for your area and a comparator, such as England or the rest of Bolton.
  • Origin-destination explorer - for people moving house and commuting to work (pandemic will impact commute data)
  • Create a custom dataset - look at how several factors vary together in a combination you select and download as a dataset.
  • NOMIS - download pre-made tables of current and previous census data.
  • How life has changed in Bolton - the ONS has produced a series of reports looking at changes since the previous census at local authority level.
  • The ONS website provides informatation on exising and upcoming releases from the 2021 and previous censuses.

Briefings on census data and the picture for Bolton will be uploaded here as they become available.

JSNA webinars

Webinar 2 - inequalities

Bolton’s JSNA can be found on and contains a wealth of information about the Bolton population, their current health, and the wide range of factors that affect health such as the physical and social environment people live in. This will be of use to people who need to consider information about Bolton in funding bids, service recommissioning, student projects, or equality impact assessments. Join this session to: Discover how an intelligence informed approach helped targeting of activities aimed at increasing Covid vaccination uptake where it was lowest; increase your understanding of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation, a core dataset for understanding small area socio-economic inequality, and resources about this on the JSNA website; and find out more about inequalities in relation to Bolton’s climate emergency.

Webinar 1 - what is the JSNA & how can I use it?

Bolton’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a statutory assessment of the current and future health and care needs of the Bolton population. Join this session for a guided tour of the JSNA website, and to hear about how it’s been used in relation to Bolton’s Fund community grants scheme and Bolton’s equality strategy.