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UK geographies

When using data, statistics and information you may find different geographies used. This webpage explains more about the different geographies you may come across.

Office for National Statistics

Bolton Geographies

A range of different geographies are used locally. These are in general based on administrative geographies (e.g. lower super output area, middle super output area) and electoral geographies (e.g. ward, constituency). Within the two systems geographies build up from smaller to larger, but between the two systems the boundaries are completely different.

  • Parliamentary constituency boundaries will change at the next general election (due to be held no later than 24th January 2025). The House of Commons Library has produced an interactive map showing the changes.
  • See the Neighbourhoods page of this website for information available at smaller geographies.
  • The map below shows the main geographies used locally: wards, integrated health and social care neighbourhoods, middle super output areas (MSOAs) and lower super output areas (LSOAs). GP practices and the neighbourhood they are affiliated to are shown as points.
  • To change what's shown on the map use the layer control (top left of the map, looks like a stack of paper) to turn on and off the different geographies.

Integrated care neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods are a local geography for integrated health and social care; all have a population of around 50,000 residents. See the Neighbourhoods page of this website for information available at smaller geographies, including integrated care neighbourhoods.

Bolton's Neighbourhoods are built up of Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs, a small administrative geogroaphy). There is evidence that configuring neighbourhoods with populations of 30,000-50,000 ensures a good understanding and connection to communities, whilst being large enough to support functioning multi-disciplinary and multi-agency team working.



Download files for your own use

Download local lookups and boundaries. Includes a Bolton postcode lookup (giving geographical location of postcodes and which geographies they fall within), and a range of local boundary files in a variety of file formats. These relate to local Health & Care neighbourhoods, and Bolton-only cuts of national boundaries.