Life expectancy

Life expectancy is an important, globally recognised measure of the health of a population. It is defined as

the average number of years a person born in a certain time period would be expected to live

Life expectancy is calculated based on the mortality rates, the number of deaths for every 1000 people taking into consideration the size and age structure of the population. Life expectancy is calculated using the mortality rates for the time-period in which a population was born. It provides a picture of length of life, based on the current and previous trends. A high life expectancy indicates a healthy society, while a low life expectancy suggests poorer health. It is therefore important to understand Bolton’s life expectancy, and how we compared to other areas. This can help to focus interventions for those most in need.

Life Expectancy at Birth in Greater Manchester Localities 2015-2017

Male Life Expectancy (Years) Female Life Expectancy (Years)
England 79.6 England 83.1
Greater Manchester 77.8 Greater Manchester 81.3
Manchester 75.7 Manchester 79.5
Salford 76.8 Rochdale 80.6
Oldham 77.2 Tameside 80.8
Rochdale 77.2 Oldham 80.9
Tameside 77.5 Wigan 80.9
Bolton 77.8 Salford 81.0
Wigan 77.8 Bury 81.2
Bury 78.5 Bolton 81.6
Stockport 79.8 Stockport 83.3
Trafford 79.8 Trafford 83.7

Life Expectancy has improved over time in England as a whole and is reflected in the life expectancy rates seen at local authority level.

Throughout the 2000’s, Bolton males have consistently been below the average for the North West up until 2012-2014. Each year since 2001 has seen males in Bolton have improved their life expectancy, however most recently during 2015-2017, life expectancy dropped from 78.2 years, to 77.8 years.

Similar improvements have been seen for female life expectancy in Bolton, continuing to rise until 2011-2013, where female life expectancy has remained static at around 81.6 years, which is the current the life expectancy for Bolton females. Female life expectancy has recently come in line with the average for the North West, however, remains significantly worse than that of England as does male life expectancy.

  At birth At birth At age 65 At age 65
  Males Females Males Females
Life expectancy (years) 77.8 81.6 17.9 20.0
Healthy life expectancy (years) 62.9 59.4 10.8 11.0
Number of years in poor health 14.9 22.2 7.1 9.0
Proportion (%) of life in poor health 19.2 27.2 39.7 45.0

Variation in Life Expectancy within Bolton

The lowest life expectancy for males living in Bolton at MSOA level, can be found in the Town Centre area (Bolton 016), where males are expected to live till 71.4 years; the highest male life expectancy is in Westhoughton East (84.5 years), where residents are expect to live 13.1 years longer than those in the Town Centre area.

Life expectancy male

Women in Bolton are predicted to live longer than men, with the highest being in the Lostock & Ladybridge neighbourhood (87.4 years). Females living in the Lever Edge area, are expected to live 12 years less, with their life expectancy being 75.4 years.

Life expectancy femal