There are many variations between different parts of Bolton. This page will help you explore these differences.

In general, the smaller the type of geographical area, the less information is avaiable about it. This is because from a practical point of view, more data points need to be collected overall to create reliable estimates for smaller areas. But within a larger area there may be significant and important variations which may be averaged out and hidden if you only look at the larger areas. The Geographies section of this website will help you understand the geographies at which information is typically available.

Useful resources

Integrated care neighbourhood tool was developed specially for Bolton's Integrated Care neighbourhood teams

PHE local health profiles are a collection of quality assured health information presented for small geographical areas.

Mapping GM provides a range of maps that you can use to explore Greater Manchester’s housing, planning, infrastructure, socio-economic and demographic data

Historical neighbourhood profiles

The following are historical neighbourhood profiles, which do not contain current data but may still be of use.