About the JSNA

About the JSNA

Updated 10/8/2022

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) in an assessment of the current and future health and social care needs of the local community. It is concerned with needs that could be met by Bolton Council, Bolton CCG, or NHS England. It should also consider wider factors that impact on communities’ health and wellbeing, views of the community, and local assets that can help to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities.

It is a statutory responsibility for Health and Wellbeing Boards to produce a JSNA under the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act, 2007 (Part 5, Ch1, S116) but local areas are free to undertake JSNAs in a way best suited to their local circumstances – there is no template or set format that must be used and no mandatory datas set that have to be included.

The Active, Connected and Prosperous Board performs the functions of the Bolton Health and Wellbeing Board. They use this JSNA to develop a Health and Wellbeing Strategy which sets out what needs to be done to address the identified needs related to the health and wellbeing of the people of Bolton.

Bolton's Health and Wellbeing Strategy is the Bolton Vision. This was developed based on the Marmot Principles to redress social inequalities in health.

The Health and Care Act, 2022 (Part 1, S19) abolished CCG’s and transferred their responsibilites to the relevant Integrated Care Board (ICB). Bolton's ICB is NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care. The ICB is a statutory body which is supported by the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), a broad alliance of organisations and representatives concerned with improving the care, health and wellbeing of the population. Bolton's ICP is Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership. Both ICB and ICP have a primary Greater Manchester footprint but also operate at locality (i.e. Bolton) level. It is as yet unclear how these changes will affect JSNAs.

Local Authorities have an additional duty in relation to provision of public health advice to local NHS commissioners under The Local Authorities (Public Health Functions and Entry to Premises by Local Healthwatch Representatives) Regulations, 2013 (Part 2, Regulation 7). The range of matters covered will be kept under review by the local authority and determined by local agreement, but this may include a summary of the overall health of the people in the local authority’s area, and assessments of the health needs of groups of individuals within the local authority’s area with particular conditions or diseases.

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