Geodemographic segmentation

Acorn groups people based on their likely needs, behaviours and opinions relating to a wide range of topics - those who are more similar are grouped together. It is calculated based on where people live, so helps us understand the different types of communities in Bolton and how they are similar and different. We use it to tailor services and approaches so they are suitable for and appealing to the people who need or want them.


Regular Acorn focusses on factors relating to consumer decisions. Here are some snippets comparing the top level, Acorn Category.

  1. Affluent Achievers are among the most affluent in the country and include many ‘baby boomers’. People in this category are very well educated. They are healthy, wealthy and confident consumers.
  2. Rising Prosperity are well educated, younger professionals moving up the career ladder. Most live in modern or converted flats that they either rent or own.
  3. Comfortable Communities includes people who own their home, younger couples, families and older people. They have average incomes and tend to work in professional, clerical and skilled roles.
  4. Financially Stretched includes a mix of traditional areas of Britain. They live in lower value homes they own or social housing. Many people in this category are just getting by with modest lifestyles.
  5. Urban Adversity are the people who are finding life the hardest and experiencing the most difficult social and financial conditions. There are many single pensioners, lone parents, separated and divorced people and may experience higher levels of health problems in some areas.


Wellbeing Acorn

Wellbeing Acorn focusses on factors relating to health and wellbeing. Here are some snippets comparing the top level, Wellbeing Acorn Group.

  1. Health Challenges have the highest levels of illness. They are among the oldest people living in the most deprived neighbourhoods. Many people feel isolated.
  2. At risk don’t tend to be currently unwell, but their less healthy lifestyles could put their health at risk in the future. They have the highest rates of smoking in the country and low levels of wellbeing.
  3. Caution generally have good health and wellbeing. Some behaviours do create health risks and may result in lifestyle related ailments in the future.
  4. Healthy These neighbourhoods are more affluent, often with older residents. Their health, given their age, is especially good. Lifestyle behaviours are good, but there are issues with alcohol intake.


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