Bolton is richly diverse with over one fifth of the population from a Black, Asian or Minority ethnic (BAME) background. According to Census (2011) data, the proportion of the population from a BAME background doubled between 2001 and 2011.

All data from the 2011 census

  Bolton Greater Manchester England
Ethnic group Number % Number % Number %
White British 219,794 79.41 2,141,687 79.84 42,279,236 79.75
Other White 6,851 2.48 106,436 3.97 3,001,906 5.66
Mixed/multiple ethnic group 4,892 1.77 60,710 2.26 1,192,879 2.25
Asian/Asian Indian 21,665 7.83 53,461 1.99 1,395,702 2.63
Asian/Asian Pakistani 12,026 4.34 130,012 4.85 1,112,282 2.10
Other Asian 5,058 1.83 88,700 3.31 1,635,419 3.08
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British 4,652 1.68 74,097 2.76 1,846,614 3.48
Other ethnic group 1,848 0.67 27,425 1.02 548,418 1.03
BAME 56,992 20.59 540,841 20.16 10,733,220 20.25

The most common BAME groups are of Indian (7.8%) and Pakistani (4.3%) background. Bolton has a larger Indian population than the national average of 2.5%. The Black African population makes up 1.2% of Bolton’s total population, a lower proportion than the national average. In addition, 1.8% of the population is of a mixed ethnicity.

Bolton’s population structure varies by ethnicity. The Asian Indian, Asian Pakistani and Black African and Caribbean population have a higher proportion of young people than the White British population. In addition, there is a smaller proportion of older people among Asian Indian, Asian Pakistani and the Black African and Caribbean population than the White British population. These means services in Bolton aimed at maternity, children and young people need to consider the needs of ethnic minority groups.

Ethnic Groups living in Bolton

In Bolton there is a large number of LSOAs with high proportions of the population in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups and these neighbourhoods are shown on the Map below. The BAME populations in Bolton are predominantly of Asian background, with higher than average proportions seen in Asian Indian and Asian Pakistani groups.

The top 10% of LSOAs in Bolton, with the largest BAME communities are shown on the map below. The majority of these LSOAs are found in Rumworth, Great Lever, Halliwell and Crompton wards.